Maxthon RC1

Maxthon RC 1

* Fixed a bug that causes opening infinity tabs

* Fixed a bug that RSS feed won't display on Windows Vista

+ Improved Program Interface Performance

+ Added Float Button

+ Added Feed content Web Page View

+ Added Screenshot button to Web Toolbar

+ Added Clean History button to Web Toolbar

+ Toolbar labels can be placed under icons now (in Customize dialog)

+ Added "Send To> Groups" in Tab right-click menu

+ Added delete single item in Feed History

+ Added option: Ad Hunter> Dont show notification window

+ Added option: Download> Default download folder

+ Added full title in Favorites menu tooltips

+ You can use mouse-wheel while hovering mouse oover Feed sidebar

+ Added delete single address bar item in Clean History dialog

+ Show URL of Undo List items on Status Bar

* Hide Recycled Bin in Favorites sidebar

* Refresh button in Feed sidebar changed to Refresh All

* Re-formatted hover tooltip view for Feed sidebar

* Use IE Proxy by default installation

* Dont export Recycled Bin when export favorites in HTML format

* Add quotes for parameters automatically while adding external utility

* Fixed Qzone images won't load problem

* Fixed a bug when passing parameters to external utilities

* Fixed a bug in RDF format support

* Improved support for malformed RSS 2.0 feeds

* Fixed $max_handle in Filter Pack won't work problem

* Fixed popup filter white list won't save problem

* Fixed a bug wich will display 2 Screenshor button in Customize dialog

* Fixed a crash error when importing OPML file

* Fixed add IP display won't work in Status bar

* Added URL Filter Result into Filter Log

* Removed HTTP Header Filter support for better performance

* Mouse wheel will work when hovering on RSS Feeds

* Improve Text Filter performance and added several functions ($MAXPATH and $MAXFILECONTENT)

* Fixed program crash when using IE proxy settings

* Fixed sometimes Ad Hunter won't work bug

* Fixed Mid-Click crash the program bug

* Fixed a bug that prevents disabling and deleting Filter Pack

* Fixed a bug when overwriting item with Add Favorites dialog

* Fixed crash problem with several Filter Pack

* Fixed Feed url won't show up error

* Fixed several bug that prevent online Favorites won't update

* Fixed crash error when visit localhost

* Fixed proxy setting comfilct with ie7pro

* Fixed a bug when clean all browser history

* Fixed random order problem in Tab Mananger List

* Fixed scrollbar display problem while zooming

* Fixed order error when customized serach engine exceeds 10 in setup center

* Fixed program crash when adding utility

* Fixed a bug in Tab Manager which may cause crash

* Fixed a bug which prevents saving tabs to group when there is no group

* Fixed scroll text won't display problem with some online chat room

* Fixed a bug that cause browser window becomes inactive

* Fixed a bug that the alert/confirm window of last tab cause freeze

Download : Maxthon RC1(en) Maxthon RC1(cn)

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