ASTRA32 v1.53 Final

ASTRA32 v1.53 Final is released

05/30/2007 Version 1.53 of the ASTRA32 has been released
- Added detection of High Definition Audio codec name
- Added detection of SCSI and USB CD/DVD devices
- Improved detection of ATAPI devices
- Added reading of SPD information on VIA CX700 south bridge
- Added detection of monitor aspect ratio
- Added detection of Intel Quad-Core Xeon (Penryn), Intel Core 2 Extreme (Yorkfield), Intel Core 2 Quad (Yorkfield), Intel Core 2 Duo (Wolfdale), Intel Pentium (Conroe), Intel Pentium Dual-Core Mobile, Intel Celeron M (Conroe-L, Merom-L), Intel A1xx, AMD Opteron (Barcelona, Budapest), AMD Phenom FX, AMD Phenom X4, AMD Phenom X2, AMD Athlon X2, AMD Sempron (Spica), AMD Turion 64 X2 (Trinidad), AMD Turion 64 (Richmond), AMD Mobile Sempron (Keene) processors
- Added detection of new processors features: Streaming SIMD Ext 4.1 (SSE4.1), Streaming SIMD Ext 4.2 (SSE4.2), AMD SSE4A Extensions, AMD Misaligned SSE, AMD 3DNow! Prefetch, POPCNT Insruction Supported, Performance Debug Capab. MSR, Advanced Bit Manipulation, OS Visible Workaround, Instruction Based Sampling, AMD 100MHz Multiplier Steps, AMD Hardware P-State Control
- Fixed reading of SPD information on Intel ICH6/7/8/9 hub in some cases
- Fixed detection of CPU frequency in some cases
- Fixed detection of Intel Virtualization Technology, Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology and LAHF/SAHF Instructions support on Intel Core 2 family CPU's
- Updated program database

MS Windows NT4/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/XP x64/Server 2003 x64/Vista x64/95/98/ME.
DOS version also available. Click here to learn more about ASTRA for DOS.

download:ASTRA32 v1.53 Final

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