Great Battles Of Rome 偉大的羅馬戰爭

Great Battles Of Rome
游戲制作:OSPREY Publishing
游戲發行:Black Been
游戲語種:多國語言(English, French, Italian, German and Spanish)

如果您要尋找和平, 就要為戰爭做準備'

Merging action and strategy in a setting that replicates the atmosphere of the period, THE HISTORY CHANNEL Great Battles of Rome allows players to take control of a series of campaigns against Barbarian hordes, while carving out the Roman Empire.
Over 100 battles are available for play including the Punic and Samnite Wars, and Julius Caesar’s conquest of Britain. Players can customize and control massive armies with an array of soldiers including legionaries, archers, cavalry and even mighty war-elephants. The game delivers battle realism in various environments, including steppe, forest, desert and coastline, with both day and night lighting.
Players can also choose to either plan their own battle tactics by selecting an army to suit a gameplay situation, or they can leave strategy decisions to the AI, freeing them to be involved in nothing but action!
THE HISTORY CHANNEL Great Battles of Rome also features 3D special effects and instant control response.
In addition, 30 program clips from the archives of The History Channel have been specially blended and narrated to match the game and guide the player through the greatest story of all time.
THE HISTORY CHANNEL Great Battles of Rome will be released on PlayStationR2, PSPR (PlayStationRPortable) and PC DVD.
Let history remember the GREAT BATTLES OF ROME !


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