Monster Madness 怪物也瘋狂

Monster Madness
英文名稱:Monster Madness
游戲制作:Immersion Games and Artificial Studios
游戲發行:SouthPeak Interactive

SouthPeak Interactive確認另類游戲《怪物也瘋狂》(Monster Madness) 將發售,
《Monster Madness》中總共設定了4名角色,他們分別為火惡魔,不死武士,僵尸以及吸血鬼。游戲中獨特的4人合作模式將會讓角色之間的配合度達到最高,不同的角色之間可以作出各種豐富的連攜技。游戲中還會有很多武器供游戲者使用,其中包括霰彈槍,手槍甚至棒球棍,5種不同特色的戰斗場景,商場和街道隨處可見,游戲角色還可以駕駛交通工具。
* 游戲支援分屏或者Xbox Live的四人合作共同對抗怪物的入侵。每個玩家都有獨特的裝備和效果。
* 擊敗敵人后獲得武器的強化部件,加強自身武器的火力和威力,
* 在游戲中取得各種載具,并且裝備適當的武器,加強機動性和攻擊力。
* 在五個不同的關卡中奮戰,例如Suburban Nightmare、High School Hell、The Shopping Maul 等,都有瘋狂的最終怪物頭目鎮守關底。
* 使用了Ageia公司的NovodeX Physics物理引擎平臺,包括物理處理模塊PPU。與環境的互動在游戲中發揮不少作用,例如制造掩護體、投擲大型物件等。

英文介紹(About The Game):
Four friends get together for a party while the parents are away, but somebody ... or something, is about to crash the party. In four-player melee action, you will fight off the monster invasion in this top-down action/shooting game. Customize and build your own weapons by grabbing parts from the house and town to create more powerful attack tools, and find rare parts to build some ultimate weapons. Jack abandoned vehicles and deck them out with weapons to ride through the terrain and take out creatures. Visit five locations, including the suburban town, the high school, and the "Shopping Maul." The use of the Ageia NovodeX Physics platform allows you to interact with the environments physics to give yourself an advantage, such as creating barrides or throwing large objects, while the visual system uses the advanced Unreal 3 Engine.


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