DOSBox v0.70 CVS Build 29.07.2007

DOSBox v0.70 CVS Build 29.07.2007 is released.

DOSBox v0.70 CVS Build 29.07.2007 changelog:
1. Patches updated
* Menu bar
Based on SDL_WindowID. Implemented lots of various functions.
For instance, you can change output and resolutions on the fly.
* Vertical-sync
Added "host" for vsyncmode. (You can set vsyncmode=host)
This method will work only in window mode.
* Direct3D (gulikoza)
2. Patches added
* wait_on_error bug fix (etil)
* part of demovga patch (hal)
You can set machine=demovga.
3. During "protected mode+cycles=auto" or "cycles=max",
- Turbo mode (Ctrl-Alt-F2 / Alt-F2) was problematic, but now fixed.
- Ctrl-F11/Ctrl-F12 did not show cpu usage with percentage unit, but now fixed.
4. Quicker start-up.
5. Dragging an executable into dosbox window is possible.
6. Improved force-scailing.
7. Added dosbox_admin.exe for windows vista.
If a write-protection message is frequently displayed, try it.
8. DOSBox window icon is also eobet's.
9. Fixed some bugs.

Download:DOSBox v0.70 CVS Build 29.07.2007

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