[N64]Rice Video Hi-Rez Texturing v6.1.2

Rice Video Hi-Rez Texturing v6.1.2 is released.Rice Video is an open source DirectX and OpenGL graphics plug-in for Nintendo 64 emulators that support the Zilmar-Schibo video plug-in specifications. The project became open source at version 6.1.1 beta 10 on March 30, 2006 when Rice posted the source code at the EmuTalk forums. Since version v6.1.1 beta 1, the plug-in has been able to load custom user-made textures that replace the original game art, which is currently what sets it apart from other publicly available plug-ins. Custom textures can be used to potentially improve the aesthetical quality of games by using textures that use higher resolutions than those that ship with the games, as well as allowing end users to implement their own graphical designs, thus being able to create a different graphical look for the game.

[N64]Rice Video Hi-Rez Texturing v6.1.2 changelog:
-Removed the requirement for BMGLib.
-Has a new registry key deleter
-Has a new installer
-Has a fully complete documentation and I did a lot of tweaking to the source.

Fixed: near Z errors in SM64, MK64 Fixed: many other small graphics bugs I forgotten. Essentially, graphics quality is now the same as the official plugin, like it should be, so I recommend this plugin now over the official one. Which is why I bumped the version number up to 6.1.2, because I beleive all the new fixes warrant a new release. Updated: Registry key remover tool Updated: Documentation Updated: SSE optimizations are back

Download: Rice Video Hi-Rez Texturing v6.1.2

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