Fastlane Carnage 逐路屠殺

Fastlane Carnage 逐路屠殺 游戲名稱:逐路屠殺
英文名稱:Fastlane Carnage
游戲制作:Parallax Factory
游戲發行:Frogster Interactive

It's better to experience a few hours of non-stop action with atough ending and be motivated to start the whole thing again than to be bored to death by an intricate 60-hours gaming experience.

"2021. Fast Lane Carnage takes place in the shallows of themetropolis, where wealth is out of reach, where police doesn'tcome anymore. Even the cleaners don't dare coming. Most of thepeople, excluded of the corporatist system, live from the wastesand robbery of the society. Drugs rule the streets, and all thesolutions are imagined for one purpose: gaining money."

Fast Lane Carnage is a non-stop action game, an improbablecross-over between Micromachines and Quake in a Mad Max world. When you'll have enough of the tough single player experience, getthis old-school Quake action feeling with your friends (or ennemies).

Fastlane Carnage 逐路屠殺
Fastlane Carnage 逐路屠殺
Fastlane Carnage 逐路屠殺
Fastlane Carnage 逐路屠殺

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