MAME Plus! 0.119u2

MAME Plus! 0.119u2 is released.New version of this MAME Emulator for Windows.

MAME Plus! 0.119u2 changelog:
- updated to 0.119u2 [BUT]
- fixed crash at opening property of source file such as cps1.c and model1.c [BUT]
- updated Japanese command.dat [commandlist jp]
- updated to set read-only permission to new ini files automatically [BUT]
- nemesis.c: added Salamander (version YY clone) version 0.7.3 [sato_tiff]
- fixed reading driver_config option from mame.ini, so that ROM management tools such as CM can export dat correctly [BUT]
- neodrvr.c: fixed popbounc hang bug [BUT]
- updated Japanese list ( [mamelist jp]

Download: MAME Plus! 0.119u2

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