nullDC 1.0.0 Beta 1.6

nullDC 1.0.0 Beta 1.6 is released.nullDC is a plugin based Dreamcast emulator for x86 based computers running Windows Operating Systems. nullDC is a highly compatible Dreamcast emulator with great performance on machines that meet the system requirements.

Changes Since nullDC 1.0.0 BETA 1.5:

Old chanka aica code restored
Elsemi code moved to ElsemiAICA,replaced all chanka code with nullAICA parts & fixed the timing bugs.
nullPVR requires sm2.0 or fallbacks Fixed Function
Relaxed the debug check on invalid loops (fixes nullAICA crashes on DOA2LE, possibly elsewere too)
nullExtDev no longer requires winpcap when not emulating anything :)
Version changed to 1.0.0 beta 1.6
PowerVR AA mode now works properly (omikron half screen problems, possibly others)

- You'll need the latest directX redistributable to run nullDC as well as the latest VisualC++ runtimes. You can find DirectX here (Web Installer) or here (Offline Installer), the VisualC++ runtimes HERE, and winpcap HERE (if you want to try the bba emulation code ;) )
- Before running the emulator make sure that you have the necessary Dreamcast BIOS and Flash files dumped from your Dreamcast. The BIOS must be named "dc_boot.bin" and the Flash must be named "dc_flash.bin". Both files must be placed in the "Data" directory which is in the location where you installed the emulator.
- also look ReadMe_beta1.txt and ReadMe_beta1_5.txt
- the _mmu version has mmu emulation when used in intepreter mode

Download: nullDC 1.0.0 Beta 1.6

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