BridgeM1 v0.60a13

BridgeM1 v0.60a13 is released.BridgeM1 is a frontend for M1, a player for music from Arcade Games that is based on MAME.

Updated BridgeM1 frontend for the latest M1 core:
- Fixed inconsistencies of the OK button in the load windoow.
- More cleanups and bug fixes.
- You can copy ROM audit result to clipboard by right click.
- Removed the support for simplified Chinese.
- Increased the number of max digits of song number (for Thunderforce).
- The maximum song number is now 9999999 = 0x98967F.

BridgeM1 v0.60a13 Changelog:
- Added support for saving per-game mixer setting in "m1cfg" folder.
- Added support for window snapping to the mixer window. (imcomplete)
- Added support for per-game and per-system default mixer settings (m1cfg\default.cfg). The default mixing setting of core will be overwritten by them.
- Fixed a bug that the mixer window is left unhidden when minimizing the application.

Download: BridgeM1 v0.60a13
Download: M1

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