MAME Plus! 0.128u4

MAME Plus! 0.128u4 is released.New version of this MAME Emulator for Windows.MAME Plus! has many features to make it a great unoffical build.

MAME Plus! 0.128u4 changelog:
* [QtGUI]added M1 player module support, you must setup M1 directory first [Emuman]
* GBA driver 29NOV2008 [R.Belmont]
* updated Simplified Chinese list (0128u4_1129) [kof2112]
* Artwork list v20081122 [Mr. Do's Arcade]
* fixed hiscore system [MAMEUIFX]
* catlist v0.128u4 [s_bastian]
* updated Japanese list (jplist0128u3_1121) [mamelist jp]

Download: MAME Plus! 0.128u4 (Binary)

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