Notepad++ 5.1.3

Notepad++ v5.1.3 is released.Notepad++ is a free source editor with the syntax highlighting and syntax folding. It also gives the extra functionality to define a user's own language for the syntax folding and syntax highlighting. You can print your source code in color. It allows a user to edit the different document in the same time, and even to edit the same document synchronizely in 2 different views. It supports full drag and drop.

Notepad++ 5.1.3 Changelog:
1. Add PostIt feature (F12 to toggle it).
2. Fix the bug that Unicode path file opened in the previous session doesn't be restored.
3. Fix nativeLang loading problem if Notepad++ location path contains Unicode characters.
4. Make shell extension context menu Unicode compliant.
5. Fix "Go to/Open in another instance" bug.
6. Process WM_IME_REQUEST message to support Windows IME.
7. Fix "Go to another view" translation coding error.
8. Adding search text on the top of combo box.
9. Fix Tidy installation problem for TextFX plugin.
10. Change the N++ recovery directory from c:\N++RECOV to %temp%\N++RECOV.

Included plugins (ANSI):
1. TexFX v0.24a
2. NppExec v0.2 RC3.2
3. Spell Checker v1.3.1
4. MIME Tools v1.5
5. FTP_synchronize v0.9.6
6. NppExport v0.2.8
7. Compare plugin v1.5.1
8. Light Explorer v1.5
9. Doc Monitor v2.2
10. NppAutoIndent 1.2

Included plugins (Unicode):
1. MIME Tools v1.5
2. NppExport v0.2.8
3. Doc Monitor v2.2
4. NppAutoIndent 1.2

Download: Notepad++ v5.1.3

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