Emu Loader v5.7

Arcades Frontend Emu Loader v5.7 is released.New version is available. Another small update and a nice change for the left panel feature.All words surrounded by asterisks are now parsed by the front-end, fixing the limitation of non-english .ini files.New settings for MAME 0.126u3 were also added. Cheers!

Emu Loader v5.7 changelog
# Several files renamed ("resources\main_icons\" folder)
# Minimum screen resolution increased to 960x600 (16:10)... but you still can use EL at 800x600
# Front-end main icons reduced to 16x16 (tool bar icons are still 24x24)
# Virtual TreeView component updated to v4.7.0 and to the latest SVN version
# EasyListView component updated v2.0 and to the latest SVN version
# Menu theme "Office 2007" renamed to "Default", but .ini entries remain the same
# Several changes to columns profiles feature:
- Default profile name changed from "default.ini" to "col_profile_general.ini"
- Columns profiles folder is no more. All files will be saved in "resources\ini_files\" and must begin with "col_profile_systemname.ini"
- Profiles editor only works for the selected system (no more editing profiles for multiple systems at once)
- Only 2 profiles are available for each system: "General" for all systems (default) and "System" that can only be used by the selected system

Download: Emu Loader v5.7

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