Model 2 emulator 0.9

Model 2 emulator 0.9 is released.More accurate emulation of some TGP by using the data tables from the mainboard. You'll need these table roms in or inside the game zip.

Model 2 emulator 0.9 Changelog:
- Daytona USA '93 edition and Daytona USA: GTX 2004.
- Rail Chase 2
- Virtua Cop 2
- Virtua Fighter 2, Rev A, Rev B and 2.1
- Sega Water Ski.
- Fixed TGP emulation bugs and added missing opcodes.
- Fixed I960 bug that caused daytona invisible walls/holes in the road.
- Fixed timer bug that caused missing hair in Fighting vipers, tails in sonic and slow cars in Sega Rally
- Added support for "return to neutral". Enable it with HoldGears=1 option in emulator.ini.
- Redone rasterizer color decoding and texture mapping.
- Fixed white borders in some transparent textures.
- Redone texture caching code. Improved dirty texture detection.
- Changed ManxTT sound roms to the Twin ones.
- Added 2 mice support for shooting games.
- Fixed Alt key not activating the window menu.
- Fixed corrupt textures sometimes when loading a savestate
- Fixed frameskipping bug that caused some data not being updated in the TGP memory when frameskipping
- Added an option to hide the crosshair in shooting games (DrawCross=0 in emulator.ini)
- Fixed Daytona to the maxx rom loading that caused wrong and missing graphics.
- Improved FM emulation support to the SCSP for some HOTD tunes requiring it.
- Fixed various bugs in the new MultiPCM sound emulation, causing some wrong loops and sounds.
- Fixed meshed transparencies size. Now they will scale to the selected resolution.
- Fixed specular highlights calculation.
- Added Indianapolis 500 Rev A
- Changed romsets to match MAME as much as possible.

Download:Model 2 Emulator v0.9

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