DEmul 0.5.2 WIP

EmuCR:DEmulDEmul 0.5.2 WIP is released.DEmul is a Sega Dreamcast(DC) emulator able to play commercial games.

DEmul 0.5.2 WIP changelog:
- Atomisware support
- optional multithread SPU & GPU support
- implemented render-to-texture technique (fixed REZ, RE:CV, CT, ILLBLEED)
- smooth texture palettes
- fixed AICA DMA
- added new DMA for PVR2 (fixed Sonic Shuffle)
- fixed errors in the GD-ROM DMA, fixed launch WINCE GD-ROM
- optional SPU DSP
- video framelimit
- x64 binaries

Download:DEmul 0.5.2 WIP 32bit
Download:DEmul 0.5.2 WIP 64bit

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