Opera 10.00 Build 1750 RC2 Beta

Opera 10.00 Build 1750 RC2 Beta is released.Opera lets you surf the Internet in a safer, faster, and easier way. One of the most full-featured Internet power tools on the market, it includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. You can customize the look and content of your browser with a few clicks of the mouse.

The Opera Web browser offers several new features for functionality, security, usability, customization, searching, saving, taking shortcuts and accessing Web content.

Whether you're going to work, working from home, developing Web sites, or just looking for a quick, solid browser that can help you quickly access the Internet, Opera delivers a superior Web experience for every aspect of your online life, with lots of tech tools for power users.

User Interface
* Various fixes to the paddings and margins of the skin. Sorted out some errors
* Dont schedule new check on startup if timer not timed out
* Increased autoupdate check interval to 3 hours
* Fix the layout of the "Configure Speed Dial" button in small windows
* Fixed Bug DSK-195906 (Opera error page selects URL field when displayed, also when focus is already inside URL field)
* Fixed Bug DSK-229231 (Favicon disappears a while after clicking a boomark on the personal bar)
* Fixed Bug DSK-239430 (Pressing Enter to select an item in a dropdown box submits a form)
* Fixed Bug DSK-253672 (Visual tabs do not reflect Speed Dial if selection is canceled)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257223 (Update dialog, new version download size value does not fit)
* Fixed Bug DSK-258007 ([nb] Strings don't fit on crash logging dialog)
* Fixed Bug DSK-259154 (Crash when closing tab)
Fixed Bug DSK-259498 (Crash when removing Speed Dial or changing background image)
* Fixed Bug DSK-259986 (Opera crashes if you cancel the dictionary wizard before downloading)
* Fixed Bug DSK-261223 (Quick find in dictionary wizard list not working)
* Fixed Bug DSK-261250 (Opera will not close when disabling and enabling history)
* Fixed Bug DSK-261471 (Crash related to automatic updates)

* Fixed Bug DSK-244670 (Server redirects and Opera reports address as invalid even though there's a custom handler to handle that protocol): Fixes Spotify link conversion issue
* Fixed Bug DSK-257016 (FileSystem.browseFor
* method callback executed with automated call to method.)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257269 (webfont with local src not working)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257612 (Freeze when loading hulu.com)
* Fixed Bug DSK-258378 (Crash with some Flash sites)
* Fixed Bug DSK-258624 (Middle click doesn't paste in compose after first left clicking)
* Fixed Bug DSK-260601 (Words in mail and feeds are cut off by the vertical scrollbar)
* Fixed Bug DSK-261037 (calling fileObject.refresh() if fileObject.exists is false creates the folders forming the path of fileObject)
* Fixed Bug DSK-261386 (Unable to complete secure transaction)

Opera Mail/Chat
* Fix to prevent the consistency check running without first asking the user
* Ask about the mail database check if the user has feeds as well
* Fixed Bug DSK-245600 (Mail imported into account with no downloading of message bodies loses bodies)
* Fixed Bug DSK-258117 (Checking "import contacts" in import mail dialog doesn't actually import any contacts)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257202 (String don't fit on IRC password dialog)

Opera Unite
* Fixes to activity feeds for improved Fridge usability
* Minor fixes to the lounge service
* Fixed Bug DSK-256752 (Double-clicking the home service often opens /home/)
* Fixed Bug DSK-261475 (Upgrading services that use fileio is not possible)

* Fixed Bug DSK-256039 (Alt+down, left or right arrow in address bar or find box produces strange characters)

* Fixed Bug DSK-259542 (Mac crash with some plugins)

* Added "Enter = Select item" to dropdown section in unix_keyboard.ini
* Fixed Bug DSK-259949 (Crash when an icon can't be loaded)
* Fixed Bug DSK-260718 (Make Opera run on FreeBSD 8)
* Fixed problems with drag-n-drop after a popup is closed with the mouse in Qt4
* Reverted Fix to Bug DSK-243508 (Opera tray icon transparency issue in Qt4 builds with dark themes): Caused other issues. An alternative solution will be found.
* Fixed Bug DSK-261436 (Qt Native skin in Qt4 builds): Skin temporarily removed

Download:Opera 10.00 Build 1750 RC2 Beta

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