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Google Chrome Dev is released.Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. It has one box for everything: Type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and web pages. Will give you thumbnails of your top sites; Access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab.

Google Chrome is an open source web browser developed by Google. Its software architecture was engineered from scratch (using components from other open source software including WebKit and Mozilla Firefox) to cater for the changing needs of users and acknowledging that today most web sites aren't web pages but web applications. Design goals include stability, speed, security and a clean, simple and efficient user interface.

Google Chrome Dev Changelog:
* [r26815] New-FTP: Requires re-authentication when navigating around. (Issue: 21184)
* [r26860] [DEPS] Move FTP LIST parsing code to the renderer process, limiting potential damage from security issues.


* Issues with drop down select boxes fixed.
* [r26359] BiDi-language filenames now displayed correctly in download shelf. (Issue: 10860)


* Extension shelf (that weird gray box at the bottom) is only displayed if you have extensions installed.
* [r26495] Add Command-0..8 shortcuts to "select Nth tab" and Command-9 to "select last tab".
* [r26694] Basic emacs key bindings in text fields should work. (e.g., ctrl-e, ctrl-a, ctrl-d) (Issue: 12538)
* [r26603] Paste-and-Go for Mac omnibox, cleaned up omnibox context menu. (Issues: 13021, 10937)
* [r26471] Form controls now draw correctly in 10.6. (Issue: 19604)
* [r26646] Search Engine Manager UI improved.
* [r26567] Find bar now animates open and close.
* [r26527] Pressing Up/Down arrows in find bar now scrolls page.
* [r26853] Empty bookmark bar should show IDS_BOOKMARKS_NO_ITEMS. (Issue: 17360)
* [r26792] Add favicons to items in folders on the bookmark bar. (Issue: 22601)


* Issues with drop down select boxes fixed.
* [r26590] "Create application shortcuts" doing nothing: More reliably find the .desktop file for the browser. (Issue: 21995)
* [r26647] Implement GetCPUUsage() so the task manager shows CPU. (Issue: 19864)
* [r26891] Added download in progress dialog. (Issue: 21652)


* [r26526] Fix crashy toolstrips. (Issues: 22070, 22135)
* [r26532] Audio and video tag doesn't work for extension resources. (Issue 22152)
* [r26685] Fix an issue where we do not initiate the extension install UI with certain combinations of HTTP headers.
* [r26556] Introduce chrome.tabs.executeScriptInTab() and chrome.tabs.insertCSSInTab(). (Issue: 12465)
* [r26706] Hide the mole handle by default. (Issue: 15494)
* [r26658] Remove the right-click devtools behavior. (Issue: 20634)
* [r26654] Add CSS classes to the document when switching between toolstrip and mole mode.
* --show-extensions-on-top works pretty well now (on windows). Try it out!


* Sync library now built entirely from trunk.

Known Issues

* (Issue 22585) - CMD+Down, CMD+Up no longer scrolling to top/bottom of page on Mac.
* One machine in our QA group is seeing blank pages on Facebook. (Issue 22978)

Download:Google Chrome Dev

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