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Maxthon Beta is released.Maxthon (Formerly MyIE2) is a powerful web browser with a highly customizable interface. It can open multiple web pages within one browser window, and uses little system resources. Maxthon has a greatly integrated & customizable interface which supports Skins (Default, Turbo Qute, Mozilla_2, Safari, TCPort, X_Phoenity), Plug-Ins (AI Roboform, FlashSave, ViewSource, EnableRightClick, Up a Directory, Weather), IE Extensions, & specific toolbars (example: GOOGLE Toolbar). It also incorporates 2 POPUP blockers (Auto POPUP blocker & a POPUP blocker list filter) and a Content Filter. Maxthon is based on the Internet Explorer engine (your most likely current web browser) which means that what works in IE, works the same in Maxthon but with many additional efficient features like:

- Tabbed Browsing Interface
- Mouse Gestures
- Super Drag&Drop
- Privacy Protection
- AD Hunter
- Google Bar Support
- External Utility Bar
- Skinning
- Plugins
- Compatibility & Low on Resources
- More...(There are even more features that Maxthon can provide you, such as, Page Zooming, Simple Collector, Web Services, Password protecting Tabs, URL Aliases and many others. All of them working efficiently while you surf the Internet with Maxthon)

Maxthon 2.0 will inherts its successor's great features and bring you a flexible, joyful & convenience web surfing experience.

Maxthon 2.0 Features:
* Advanced proxy function allows the use of different proxy for different web site automatically, ensuring the best browsing speed and web site accessibility.
* User Interface Multi-Thread technology greatly reduces the chance of browser lockup, e.g. caused by some ajax operations, and browser crash.
* Modular design loads only used components, ensuring the most efficient use of system resources.
* Highly customisable skinning and interface system supports from simple windows classic to the most crafted skins and advanced layouts.
* Ultra powerful filter system can filter not only any advertisements but also any malicious codes, removing web annoynances and improving browser safety.
* Multi-users password protected profile system protects users privacy without compromising program portability.
* Maxthon Web Acceleration greatly improves ordinary browsing speed, especially when the internet connection is slow.
* Maxthon Security Updates reduces the risks of certain unpatched Internet Explorer vulnerabilities which might affect Maxthon.
* Find in Page Dialog
* Popup Blocker
* Maxthon Downloader
* Other Improvements and Fixes

Maxthon Beta Changelog:
- Added transparent effect to the image button and text button
- Image button can be resized by dragging button edge
- Added “Copy Image” button to image button
- Added "Open in New Window" button to image button
- Text button can copy form
- Text button can copy selected text and image together
- Added float button option “Show Float Button on Flash and Media Files” for enable/disable video popup button
- Input box float button is disabled by default
- Fixed an image zooming problem
- Changed image float button position to top left of image
- Improved image saving speed
- Added support to various audio playback
- Fixed some crash problems in Win7 x64 and Win2003 SP1 system
- Added option to enable/disable (Setup Center > Advanced > User Interface > Enable QuickAccess)
- Fixed thumbnail display problem due to certain special file path

Download: Maxthon Beta

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