Opera 10.10 Build 1799 Beta

Opera 10.10 Build 1799 Beta is released.Opera lets you surf the Internet in a safer, faster, and easier way. One of the most full-featured Internet power tools on the market, it includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. You can customize the look and content of your browser with a few clicks of the mouse.

What's new in Opera 10.0:
* Presto 2.2 Engine
* Performance boost
* 100/100 and pixel-perfect on the Acid3 test
* Auto-update
* Inline spelling checker
* Opera Mail improvements, including rich text composition and delete after X days
* Widget Improvements on Linux

Changes in Opera Unite 10.10 Build 1799 Beta:
User Interface
* Added Opera Portal as feed provider
* Fixed Bug DSK-144064 (Return key opens Mail page instead of submitting forms or entering newline)
* Fixed Bug DSK-261431 (Autoupdate dialog minimize not functional (grayed out) when status bar is disabled)
* Fixed Bug DSK-265106 (Make opera take the custom changes to the operaprefs into account when upgrading from a version older than 10)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266138 (Different color behavior for selected and unselected checkbox)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266210 (Selecting "Search in Web" from address bar doesn't work (%20 instead of space))
* Fixed Bug DSK-266212 (F2 dialog in mail view opens page in background tab)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266225 ("Selected Text bgcolor nofocus" doesn't work)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266363 (Can't view SVG source)
* Fixed Bug CORE-24416 (Plugin crash)
* Fixed Bug DSK-221407 (Crash when trying to open a PDF)
* Fixed Bug DSK-229094 (Text-shadow blur gets magenta colored artifacts)
Opera Unite
* Fixed Media Player encoding issues
* Changes to ASD registration
* Changing "Add App" link, re-naming the panel from "UniteServices" to "Unite", renaming some action strings: related to the change from Unite Services to Applications
* Fixed Bug CORE-22019 (Unite crash when closing Opera)
* Fixed Bug CORE-24348 (UPnP settings not working as advertised)
* Further Fix to Bug DSK-264985 (Double-clicking a service in the Unite services panel always opens a new tab)
* Fixed Bug DSK-265666 (When advanced settings are disabled, they are shown as enabled)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266370 (Dragging an application into a folder opens the widget part)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266555 (Remove "do you want to start Unite now?" dialog when you first click on a Unite application)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266567 (Not using device name from opera:config)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266581 (Unite application doesn't open when starting unite the first time)
Opera Mail
* Added new style for "no message selected"
* Improvements to signature handling
* Fix for mails appearing in different views
* Fixed Bug DSK-259049 (Crash when creating new mail account)
* Fixed Bug DSK-262958 (All drafts gone after upgrade to peregrine)
* Fixed Bug DSK-265041 (Viewing sent IMAP messages creates draft copies in 'List only' display mode)
* Fixed Bug DSK-265926 (Follow/ignore contact doesn't work from message header toolbar)
* Fixed Bug DSK-255778 (Downloadable webfont in page is used to render browser chrome/UI)
* Fix for Silverlight crash on exit
* Fixed Bug DSK-259431 (Flip4Mac Plugin Crash)
* Fixed Bug DSK-265009 (Will only get responses from requests made from the first connection when connecting through localhost/ip)
* Fixed Bug DSK-265270 (Create menu bar entries for widgets in widget runtime)
* Fixed Bug DSK-265069 (Resetting cache4 to default creates new folder "/{Users}/Library")
* Updated the SVG icon with an optimized one
* Overriding arch for ppc64 RPM
* Fixed Bug DSK-260580 (Downloads sometimes don't start, just show progress bar)
* Fixed Bug DSK-262907 (Widget taskbar entries have no icon, or random icon)
* Fixed Bug DSK-263296 (Should use PNG instead of XPM for taskbar and titlebar icons)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266455 (Crash in when doing mouse gesture on mail)

Download:Opera 10.10 Build 1799 Beta

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