Opera 10.10 Build 1848 Final

Opera 10.10 Build 1848 Final is released.Opera lets you surf the Internet in a safer, faster, and easier way. One of the most full-featured Internet power tools on the market, it includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. You can customize the look and content of your browser with a few clicks of the mouse.

Opera 10.10 Build 1848 Final:
User Interface
* Added a progress spinner in Unite/Link setup dialogs
* Updated searches, bookmarks and Speed Dials
* Fixed Speed Dial background image leak
* Fixed Bug DSK-256527 (Crash on startup when upgrading due to "Newest Used Version" format in operaprefs.ini)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257319 (Master password prompt on startup even when it isn't needed)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267351 ("Search the Web for ..." doesn't work when selected with the mouse)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267710 (Troubleshooting steps missing from error pages)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267821 (Security buttons in address can be colorized)
* Fixed Bug DSK-268460 (Ctrl+Enter in F2 dialog on mail view opens page in background and removes focus from application)
* Fix to prevent ambiguities relating to Turbo context
* Fixed a bug related to incomplete page loading when running Turbo
* Fixed Bug CORE-21663 (Crash on some javascript heavy sites (such as Facebook))
* Fixed Bug DSK-258083 (Turbo cache is deleted on restart)
* Fixed Bug DSK-263736 (Setting JS error.message = "" crashes opera)
Opera Unite
* Unite app upgrade/launch dialog redesign
* Fixed links for sample index.html generation on the webserver service configuration page
* Fixed Bug CORE-25144 (.isDirectory check fails for directories with only folders when zipped using "Send to > Compressed folder" on Windows)
* Fixed Bug DSK-261326 (No UI feedback when trying to install already installed service located in the trash can)
* Fixed Bug DSK-265774 (Red dot on unite icon): Changed the tooltip text to say something about the red dot (attention) state
* Fixed Bug DSK-265897 (Add information about the opened port (and more UPnP related info) to the status dialog)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266209 (Changes needed to downloading Unite Application security dialog): Making sure strings fit, pre-select cancel button in security warning, change strings to make dialog less confusing
* Fixed Bug DSK-266553 (Opening a shared Unite URL from trash opens a blank page)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266987 (Installing a new Unite application does not switch focus on unite panel on the app itself)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267234 (The device name does not accurately reflect user input on first installation)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267633 (Nothing happens when trying to install a lower version of a unite service)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267701 (Users not informed that a valid name already is being used): Added a new error message
* Fixed Bug DSK-267957 (Service icons become black is icon size set to 40%)
* Fixed Bug DSK-268101 (Obsolete confirmation dialog when starting Unite)
* Fixed Bug DSK-268107 (Wrong page opened for Home application)
* Fixed Bug DSK-268664 (Add https://unite.opera.com to trusted websites)
* Fixed Bug US-1238 (Media Player app broken when upgrading from previous snapshots)
* Fixed Bug CORE-24560 (voice crash)
* Fixed Bug DSK-241262 (Error message when opening HTML files if Opera is not already running)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267812 (IME is automatically turned on when focusing text fields even if set to be turned off)
* Fixed Bug DSK-263446 (Chat notifications don't always work)
* Partiual Fix of Bug DSK-267319 (Sleepless main loop with Qt 4.5.3)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267467 (Crash when exiting KDE 4 and Opera is running)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267167 (Problems locating turbosettings.xml)

Download:Opera 10.10 Build 1848 Final

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