English Album: Moby - Wait For Me (Deluxe Edition)

CrimsonRain.Com English Album: Moby - Wait For Me (Deluxe Edition)專輯名稱:Wait For Me (Deluxe Edition)
歌手姓名:魔比 Moby
製作發行:MiniStry Of Sound


Deluxe edition of Moby’s 2009 critically acclaimed studio album 'Wait For Me'. The Deluxe version is a three-disc set comprised of two audio discs and one DVD. Includes the new single, 'One Time We Lived'.

The original album (Disc One) contains two new Moby bonus tracks - 'One Time We Lived' and 'Stay Down', both recorded at Moby’s home studio in New York. Disc Two is a newly available ambient version of 'Wait For Me'. Disc Three, the DVD, includes live highlights from Moby’s 2009 summer European festival dates, as well as an animated EPK and interview with Moby, plus five videos for songs from Wait For Me, including David Lynch’s animation for Shot in The Back of the Head. Also included on this DVD are 16 “blips” (30 second animations for each of the tracks on the original album).


CD1 - Wait For Me
01. Division
02. Pale Horses
03. Shot In The Back Of The Head
04. Study War
05. Walk With Me
06. Stock Radio
07. Mistake
08. Scream Pilots
09. Jltf-1
10. Jltf
11. A Seated Night
12. Wait For Me
13. Hope Is Gone
14. Ghost Return
15. Slow Light
16. Isolate
17. One Time We Lived (Bonus)
18. Stay Down (Bonus)

CD2 - Wait For Me, Ambient
01. A Seated Night
02. Study War
03. Pale Horses
04. Stay Down
05. Hope Is Gone
06. Wait For Me
07. Division
08. Mistake
09. Walk With Me
10. Isolate
11. Shot In The Back Of The Head
12. Slow Light 1
13. Ghost Return
14. Scream Pilots
15. Jltf3
16. Slow Lights 2

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