English Album: Priscilla Renea - Jukebox

CrimsonRain.Com English Album: Priscilla Renea - Jukebox專輯名稱:Jukebox
歌手姓名:Priscilla Renea
製作發行:Capitol Records


The bright, colorful and clever PRISCILLA RENEA is a pop-soul singer-songwriter is like a walking Jukebox with a style whose sounds unite like an iPod on shuffle. She is a true product of the Internet generation with an innate knowledge towards self-promotion getting herself discovered on YouTube by millions after she posted her original,catchy, pop songs from her bedroom in Vero Beach, Florida. Full-length debut Jukebox is aptly named, for it refl ects 20 year old Priscilla's wide-ranging musical sensibilities the scope of her talents. First single "Dollhouse" is an uptempo empowerment anthem that shows off Priscilla's airy vocals and earnest lyrics. Over a driving electro-pop beat from BENNY BLANCO (Britney Spears, 3OH!3) and LIL' RONNIE (Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly), Priscilla sings fiercely for relationship independence and chides an insensitive partner with the line "I ain't a doll, this ain't a dollhouse!". "Dollhouse" bears Priscilla's immediacy and relevance, the two hallmarks that distinguish her from scores of aspiring singers and elevated her to an internet sensation. "Lovesick" is a bouncy, piano-powered pop; "Rockabye" is a funky, neck-snapping sermon about premature parenthood. Another standout track is "Mr. Workabee," tongue-in-cheek tsk-tsk to a promiscuous male known to "often forget he has a queen at home." Priscilla performs many of the guitar and piano parts herself. Outside contributors are equally well-chosen: Atlanta-based production team Power Entertainment (T.I., Ludacris), Brian Kidd (Enrique Iglesias, Britney Spears, Nappy Roots), and legendary Danish duo Soulshock & Karlin (Madonna, Seal, Whitney Houston, Keyshia Cole).


01. Dollhouse
02. Lovesick
03. Pretty Girl
04. Baby Please
05. Rockabye Baby
06. Bacon N' Eggs
07. Mr. Workabee (Intro)
08. Mr. Workabee
09. Stonegarden
10. City Love
11. Fixing My Hair

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