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The Seventh Seal is the 3rd solo upcoming album from Rakim. It will be released on his own label Ra Records and it’s also his first album after an absence of 8 years.

The original title for the album was "Oh My God" and the original release date for the album was in 2002, but Rakim had label and creative differences with Dr. Dre to whom he was signed. After a parting, he recorded new songs for the album and Dr. Dre allowed him also to keep all his songs that he produced for him.

The first rumoured single of the album is "It’s Nothing" and was performed at the VH1 show by Rakim.


01. How To Emcee (Produced By Slyce)
02. Walk These Streets (Feat. Maino) (Produced By Needlz)
03. Documentary Of A Gangsta (Feat. IQ) (Produced By Y-Not)
04. Man Above (Feat. Tracey Horton) (Produced By Nottz)
05. You & I (Feat. Samuel Christian) (Produced By Samuel Christian & J Wells)
06. Won't Be Long (Feat. Tracey Horton) (Produced By Jake One)
07. Holy Are U (Produced By Nick Wiz)
08. Satisfaction Garanteed (Produced By Neo Da Matrix)
09. Working For You (Produced By Bassi Maestro)
10. Message In The Song (Feat. Destiny Griffin) (Produced By Lofey)
11. Put It All To Music (Produced By Poppa Pill)
12. Psychic Love (Produced By Nick Wiz)
13. Still In Love (Produced By Nick Wiz)
14. Dedicated (Produced By Nick Wiz)

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