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Anonymous said... 11/18/2009 05:21:00 PM

would love more variety, same costume again :(

Kagetenshi said... 11/18/2009 09:29:00 PM

Be patient...
Next month,surely an other cosplay,or pics of her in every day clothes.

Nichole,you wrote last month:
"Kipi often come to this site."
Why doesn't she say hello?
That could be nice...

Nichole said... 11/18/2009 09:47:00 PM

Kipi hopes more people like cosplay,not just her cosplay.

If you want to communicate with Kipi,you should leave message in her blog.

Kagetenshi,Thank you for your support to Kipi,and CrimsonRain.Com!

Anonymous said... 11/19/2009 08:00:00 PM

what is kipi's blog website?

Nichole, is magnificent... keep up the good work !!! :)

Kagetenshi said... 11/19/2009 08:39:00 PM

How do I put this?

The purpose of my message wasn't "I want to communicate with Kipi-chan".
No.I'm just saying "that could be be a good thing if Kipi-chan could say hello sometimes",nothing more.

Nichole said... 11/19/2009 10:40:00 PM

kipi's blog website is

Raishoiken said... 12/10/2009 08:05:00 AM

^///^ forever beautiful kipi-chan

Kagetenshi said... 12/12/2009 04:52:00 AM

You're still as passionate as last time Raishoiken (it's been a while!!!).
Good to have you back!

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