Mp3tag 2.45

Mp3tag 2.45 is released.Mp3tag can rename files based on the tag information, replace characters or words from tags and filenames, import/export tag information, create playlists, and more. It supports online freedb database lookups for selected files, allowing you to automatically gather proper tag information for select files or CDs.

Mp3tag 2.45 Changelog:
- NEW: added support for multiline fields (for e.g., Lyrics) in Tag Panel
- NEW: filter now supports filter expressions
- NEW: support for user-defined field name mappings
- NEW: installer and program now digitally signed
- NEW: added *.flc (used for FLAC in some programs) to list of supported file extensions
- NEW: added support for preserving mp3HD correction data
- NEW: hex-encoded HTML entities are now also translated in Tag Sources
- CHG: addressed performance issues when reading OGG files with large metadata values
- CHG: changed %_total% to be empty if there is no total number of tracks stored in the track field
- CHG: changed appearance of lists to themed style under Vista and above
- CHG: converter 'Text file - Tag' now runs in separate thread with progress dialog
- CHG: empty fields from web source are no longer listed in tag sources dialog
- CHG: filter now enabled by default
- CHG: filtering is now done in separate thread
- CHG: improved status reporting when files are added via drag and drop
- CHG: multiple values of fields in Tag Panel are now also listed in drop-down fields
- CHG: removed built-in field mapping from WRITER to COMPOSER at MP4
- CHG: removed German help files
- CHG: removed Quick Launch Shortcut installer option for Windows 7 and above
- CHG: trailing pipe symbol in fields filled by Tag Sources are now removed
- CHG: updated MusicBrainz web source
- FIX: action Case Conversion (Sentence) and $caps3 gave different results
- FIX: applying actions on _FILENAME did not always remove invalid characters
- FIX: dropping directories from optical drives was always interpreted as add directory regardless of Ctrl-key state
- FIX: fixed $loop(%field%) still limited after $loop(%field%,n) at export
- FIX: fixed lost focus after editing via the extended tags dialog
- FIX: fixed resizing issue at convert dialogs
- FIX: importing covers via Web Sources occasionally resulted in erroneous mimetype containing charset descriptions
- FIX: lines in M3U playlists consisting of blanks only resulted in the M3U's directory being loaded
- FIX: numerical ID3v2 frames TLEN, TBPM and TDAT were always written in Unicode instead of ISO-8859-1
- FIX: occasional runtime error when canceling writing operations
- FIX: occasional runtime error when removing tags from Ogg Vorbis files
- FIX: occasional runtime error when writing tags to malformed FLAC files
- FIX: query strings containing equal or ampersand signs did not work with Amazon Tag Source
- FIX: query strings containing question marks did not work with Amazon Tag Source
- FIX: sorting filtered results displayed files that were not matched by the filter expression
- FIX: spaces in quoted filter strings were ignored
- LNG: Swedish translation reworked by Matthias Stasiak

Download:Mp3tag 2.45

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