Opera 10.20 Build 1895 Alpha

Opera 10.20 Build 1895 Alpha is released.Opera lets you surf the Internet in a safer, faster, and easier way. One of the most full-featured Internet power tools on the market, it includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. You can customize the look and content of your browser with a few clicks of the mouse.

Opera 10.20 new features:
• Twitter widget, featuring widget control buttons
• Google Translator, featuring widget application mode

Changes in Opera Web Browser 10.20 Build 1895 Dev:
* Improved widget installer UI
* Renamed "Widget Import Wizard" to "Export Wizard". UI and Ux improved.
* Added widget control buttons, available from top-right corner of the widget window
* Fixed widgets menu behavior
* Profiled bundles for widget runtime
* Default Speed Dials updated for the Opera Widgets for desktop alpha release

Known Issues
* DSK-269229 - Icon file is not created for widgets with icon in svg format.
* DSK-268197 - Widgets always use first available icon even when one with better quality is available
* DSK-268306 - Widget background color shuold be default not black
* DSK-261222 - Dragonfly do not show opened widget
* DSK-266456 - Crash after removing Opera, then trying to start a widget
* DSK-268209 - Flashplugin installation doesn't affect widgets if default browser is IE
* DSK-270209 - Some widget's preferences files are stored in ~/Libraries/Application Support/
* DSK-267728 - Reload is not included as the first item in the View menu
* DSK-266995 - Widgets spew garbage to Terminal on launch
* Autoupdate isn't working
* DSK-268022 - Downloading Flash plugin do not makes flash-content widgets working
* DSK-270884 - Widgets in application mode with transparent background are not drawn correctly
* DSK-271446 - Widget icons without transparency channel are not drawn correctly
* DSK-270864 - RPM generation without rpm-build package installed may generate broken rpms

* Partial Fix of Bug DSK-266341 (Improve widget installer dialog)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267451 (Widget crashes after close attempt without disconnecting from remote debugger)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267605 (Uninstalling widget leaves directories around)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267729 (Widgets should not open all links in browser instead of inside widget)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267784 (Open folder option of transfer manager opens widget installer)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267951 (Installing/importing multiple instances of widget it will be numbered starting from 1)
* Fixed Bug DSK-267690 (Widget's About windows says 'About Opera' instead of 'About ')
* Fixed Bug DSK-268115 (Widget icons placed on root when upgrading widgets)
* Fixed Bug DSK-268159 (Installation of widget with relative path creates incorrect shortcut)
* Fixed Bug DSK-269362 (Shortcut locations are displayed even if widget installation failed)
* Fixed Bug DSK-270201 (Impossible to finish Widget Export Wizard)
* Fixed Bug DSK-270205 (Widget Export Wizard's title is not bold)
* Fixed Bug DSK-270612 (Widget Export Wizard: absolute path required error message is being displayed while exporting widgets)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266362 (Widget's context menu should be treated as a part of widget): Fixed widgets functional buttons and menu
* Fixed Bug DSK-270124 (Widgetize - gallery widget does not work when opened first time just after creation and download): Widget window size was incorrectly set up
* Fixed Bug DSK-265265 (It is possible to install 2 widgets in the same folder making uninstall impossible)
* Fixed Bug DSK-266020 (It is not possible to switch off notifications in widgets): Exposed the preference to enable/disable notifications for widgets
* Widget should now remember last position on screen.
* Modifying User Agent string for Widgets
* Fixed Bug DSK-267995 (Microsoft VBScript - compilation error while deleting widget with quotation mark in its name)
* Fixed Bug DSK-268980 (Wrong icons assigned to Opera Widgets)
* Adding Publisher and Comments entries to the gadget Uninstall registry key
* Fixed Bug DSK-271147 (Opera Widget Runtime installer crashes upon installing widget)
* Fixed Bug DSK-270238 (Deliver widget's preferences dialog)
* Profiled bundles for Widget runtime
* Fixed Bug DSK-258474 (Trying to open already opened widget asks user if he's sure): Running Widget is brought to the foreground, rather than a new copy started
* Fixed Bug DSK-267946 (Widget launcher fails to load the bundled Qt dynamic libraries)
* Default prog menu shortcut for Linux when exporting widgets
* Fix for crash when invoking ./opera -widget without -pd argument

Download:Opera 10.20 Build 1895 Alpha

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