[Single] After School - Because of You

CrimsonRain.Com [Single] After School - Because of YouArtist:After School
Album:Because of You
After School - Because of You (2nd single)
Label: Pledis
Release Date: 2009.11.25
Genre: Pop
Language: Korean

Depite having debuted for less than a year, girl group After School has left a deep impression with their strong and sexy dance pop image, and their rotating member concept. After adding breakout star UEE as the sixth member earlier in the year, After School is now up to seven for their second single album. Member So Young surprisingly "graduated" from the group in late October and her spot has been filled by two new members, Nana and Raina. The revamped After School starts anew with the hot single "Because of You", a Shibuya-kei lyrical electropop number. Member Kahi participated in the production of When I Fall, a slow-tempo R&B love song.


01. 너 때문에 (Because of You)
02. When I fall
03. Diva
04. 너 때문에 (Inst)

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