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CrimsonRain.Com English Album: Eliza Doolittle - Eliza Doolittle專輯名稱:同名專輯 - EP
歌手姓名:Eliza Doolittle


Lobbing folk-pop, spliced with low-key life-musing trickles out of
'Rollerblades' - demonstrating a common and catchy touch to start off a
potentially ear-catching four track EP.

This opener especially, provides the impact of Kate Nash and Remi
Nicole after a combined session of yoga and anger management. Scattered
percussion and subtle guitar weaving, provides a sound backdrop for
Eliza Doolittle to playfully protest against double standards.

The lyrical touch takes on a more mundane and retro inclined,
minimalist slant in 'Money'. Rubbing off against a fairground veined
backing jangle; "Picking these downloads everyday has its price, we can
lounge on my couch and listen to our 45s. So take your dollar, your
yen, those euro's I can't spend; I can't get down with no pounds."

The more you listen to this EP, the more you wish that Mike Leigh,
director of the semi-cult English Indie-film 'Happy-Go Lucky', could
not rebuild the film around the quaint, quirky and free spirited music
of dark horse song-crafter, Eliza Doolittle. This especially applies to
the tingling key driven pop-folk jaunt of 'Go Home'.

Doolittle certainly has that infectious low-key energy and desire to do
things with a skip and a spirited touch. She is probably unaware that
she is well on the way to mastering that easy looking, but often oh so
difficult task of merging folk and pop with sharp urban edged


01. Rollerblades
02. Moneybox
03. Police Car
04. Go Home

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