English Album: Leona Lewis - Best Kept Secret (Deluxe)

CrimsonRain.Com English Album: Leona Lewis - Best Kept Secret (Deluxe)ARTIST: Leona Lewis
TITLE: Best Kept Secret
LABEL: UEG/Global Media Exchange
RIP DATE: 2009-12-18

British sensation Leona Lewis has become the fourth best-selling artist worldwide in 2008, thanks to the extraordinary success of her debut album,the R.I.A.A. platinum-certified Spirit, which has sold more than four and a half million copies worldwide. In addition, Spirit has sold more than 1.17 million copies in the U.S according to Nielsen SoundScan, making 23-year-old Lewis the seventh bestselling artist in the country so far. This is the album her fans have read all about, but had no way of getting their hands on it!Many online bloggers have called this album an undiscovered gem that will make Leona an even bigger star!


01. L.O.V.E. U 4:11
02. Dip Down (Feat. Loot) 4:08
03. Ready To Get Down 3:46
04. Private Party (Feat. Robert Allen) 4:17
05. Joy 4:56
06. Bad Boy (Feat. K2 Family) 4:08
07. I Can't Say Hello 4:18
08. I'm So Into You 4:38
09. I Wanna Be That Girl 4:19
10. Silly Girl 3:36

01. Private Party (Cover Boys Remix) 8:11
02. Private Party (Juan Mendez Remix) 9:06
03. Private Party (US Remix) 4:20
04. Dip Down (Troy Taylor Remix) 3:43
05. Dip Down (Hard Edge Remix) 4:08
06. Ready To Get Down (Slam Funk Remix) 4:25
07. Ready To Get Down (Stone Cold Club Banger) 3:54
08. Ready To Get Down (Timbo Remix) 3:53

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