English Album: Madonna Vs David Guett - Revolver

CrimsonRain.Com English Album: Madonna Vs David Guett - Revolver專輯名稱:Revolver
歌手姓名:瑪丹娜 VS 大衛庫塔
製作發行:Warner Music


t must be a cold day in hell because I'm not totally repulsed by Madonna's latest offering. After the bad Dannii B-side that was "Celebration", the oldest woman in pop slightly redeems herself with the second single from her recent Greatest Hits compilation. The album version of "Revolver" is utterly tragic - fact - but calling in David Guetta to overhaul the song was a wise move. The Frenchman mercifully deletes Lil' Wayne's embarrassing rap, speeds up the plodding beats and trims away all the excess padding. Unfortunately, he can't do anything about the plethora of bad metaphors littering the lyrics but the marriage of sex and violence works a lot better in this version. The end result wouldn't sound out of place on Rihanna's gruesome "Rated R" - if that shit actually contained fun music. I really hope they go with this as the radio edit. It's kind of nice to enjoy a Madonna single again (it hasn't happened since 2006's "Get Together") and I think it's only fair she reap some benefit from the current electro-dance craze. After all, the super cougar was already burning up the dancefloor years before Lady GaGa and Ke$ha were even born. Check out Madonna Vs David Guetta below.


01 - Revolver (One Love Club Remix)
02 - Revolver (Tracy Youngs Shoot To Kill Remix)
03 - Revolver (One Love Remix Feat Lil Wayne)
04 - Revolver (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
05 - Revolver (Paul Van Dyk Dub)
06 - Revolver (Edit Feat Lil Wayne)

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