English Album: Samantha Fox - Greatest Hits

CrimsonRain.Com English Album: Samantha Fox - Greatest Hits專輯名稱:精選輯
製作發行:Sony Music


80年代走紅英美搖滾舞曲女歌手Samantha Fox 唯一一張精選!
以Touch Me走紅,曾在英國撂下13首暢銷單曲,美國寫下多首Top10單曲,這張精選收錄了Touch Me、Naughty Girils Need Love Too、Nothing』s Gonna Stop Me Now...是80年代歌迷必備精選!

Samantha Fox《Greatest Hits》, 這是這位英國搖滾美女所出版的唯一的一張精選。


01.touch me (i want your bo
02.do ya do ya (wanna pleas
03.im all you need
04.nothings gonna stop me n
05.i surrender (to the spir
06.i promise you (get ready
07.true devotion
08.naughty girls (need love
09.love house
10.i only wanna be with you
11.hold on tight
12.i wanna have some fun
13.another woman
14.go for the heart
15.santa maria
18.angel with an attitude
20.touch me__09 sleazesiste

01.nothings gonna stop me n
02.i only wanna be with you
03.you started something__1
04.too late to say goodbye_
05.go for the heart__italia
06.another woman__12 mix
07.santa maria__club mix
08.i wanna rock and roll al
09.to be heard
10.dreams unfold
11.dont cheat on me
12.tomorrow__groove stage b
13.touch me__09 sleazesiste

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