English Album: Sienna Skies - Truest Of Colours

CrimsonRain.Com English Album: Sienna Skies - Truest Of Colours專輯名稱:最真實的色彩 Truest Of Colours
歌手姓名:赭色的天空 Sienna Skies
製作發行:New Justice Records


Sienna Skies are a 6-piece Experimental/Post Hardcore band from Sydney,
Australia. In 2007 the band released there first Ep titled "Where Joy
Exists Despair Beckons" and has seen the band tour quite consistantly up
and down the East Coast of Australia as well as a very successful tour
of New Zealand. Since then, the boys have shared the stage with such
acts as: Haste The Day (USA), Blessed By A Broken Heart (CAN), Family
Force 5 (USA), Closure In Moscow, The Amity Affliction, The Getaway
Plan, Behind Crimson Eyes, The Red Shore, Carpathian, Deez Nuts and
Mourning Tide just to name a few.


1. Commence
2. Worth It?
3. Heartquake!
4. Sea Of Smiles
5. Laughing Time Is Over
6. Daylight Through The Nightlife
7. Amygdala
8. Part With Pride
10. Poetry's Not So Pretty
11. To All Aspiring
12. Breathe

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