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製作發行:Geffen Records


Members of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and recent Kennedy Center Honorees, The Who combine energetic live performances with iconic songs that are embedded in popular culture. UMe/Geffen will be releasing THE WHO'S GREATEST HITS, a 19-track single disc career-spanning compilation, on 12/22. Beginning with the band's first single and concluding with a track from its most recent album, ENDLESS WIRE, it's a fantastic place to start your amazing journey into one of the most beloved rock catalogs of all time. In between are songs representing the many peaks of the band's career, from early singles to classic concept albums to more recent successes. Most, if not all, of these classic tracks are instantly recognizable. Millions of US TV viewers know three of these songs already, as the themes to CBS' popular CSI series: "Won't Get Fooled Again," "Who Are You" and "Baba O'Riley."


01. I Can't Explain
02. My Generation
03. The Kids Are Alright
04. Substitute
05. Happy Jack
06. Pictures Of Lily
07. I Can See For Miles
08. Magic Bus
09. Pinball Wizard
10. Behind Blue Eyes
11. Baba O'Riley
12. Won't Get Fooled Again
13. Love, Reign O'er Me
14. Squeeze Box
15. Who Are You
16. You Better You Bet
17. Eminence Front
18. Real Good Looking Boy
19. It's Not Enough

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