bsnes v0.059

EmuCR:bsnes Emulatorsbsnes v0.059 is released.bsnes is an emulator for the Super Famicom and SNES video game systems.The purpose of the emulator is a bit different from other emulators: it focuses on accuracy, debugging functionality, and clean code.

bsnes v0.059 Changelog:
* fixed a bug in the save state manager that was allowing saves for unsupported special chips
* added save state support for SuperFX games
* added save state support for SA-1 games
* the "Apply UPS" checkbox actually works now; allows bypassing of patching prior to ROM loading
* ROM loader will display internal ROM title and header info for uncompressed files ending in ".sfc"
* added Shift JIS to UTF-8 conversion for internal ROM titles
* "open-folder" concept now requires folders to end in ".sfc" to avoid false positives
* shrunk all GUI buttons and right-aligned them, as some of them were ridiculously long before
* rewrote settings and tools windows to be driven via tabs instead of lists; this saves a lot of screen space
* rewrote input mapping system to use a tree view instead of the confusing combo box hierarchy; hopefully more people will find the user interface GUI hotkey remapping section now
* added support to map modifiers as individual keys (eg you can map the shift key to the SNES select button)
* rewrote the cheat code editor, it behaves exactly like the state manager now; there are 128 pre-defined slots, and it is easy to clear any or all of them
* the cheat file will auto erase itself upon exit if all codes and descriptions have been erased
* fixed title bar game name ordering; was "bsnes v058 - Game Name", is now "Game Name - bsnes v059"
* fixed a bug where pressing escape inside the main window's menus would cause the program to quit
* Windows: worked around QTBUG-7188 to fix the multi-file archive loading dialog; it was not updating properly before
* Linux: added full-API PulseAudio driver with synchronization and latency control [RedDwarf]
* Linux: fixed a crashing bug involving OpenGL and glXSwapIntervalEXT()
* Linux: X-Video driver texture now resizes dynamically to support > 1024x1024 for any future filters to use
* Debugger: single-stepping instructions now updates all windows marked to "auto update"
* Debugger: fixed execute breakpoints, they were disassembling at the wrong offset
* Debugger: S-CPU bus breakpoints now mirror WRAM $7e:0000-1fff to $00-3f|80-bf:0000-1fff
* Debugger: fixed a rendering issue when stepping through hires games
* Debugger: added property system; can now view internal register states of all S-CPU and S-PPU registers (S-SMP and S-DSP coming soon)
* Debugger: added CGRAM palette viewer
* Debugger: added OAM sprite viewer (no graphical output yet)
* Debugger: added options window -- so far only to control output of memory / execution usage tables
* Debugger: updated usage and memory export file names to start with the loaded cartridge name
* Source: cleaned Utility class, split some of the functionality out to Cartridge class
* Source: greatly simplified SNES::Cheat class, SNES::Cartridge class; etc

Download: bsnes v0.059

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