English Album: Alesana - The Emptiness

CrimsonRain.Com English Album: Alesana - The Emptiness專輯名稱:空虛
製作發行:Fearless Records


The band's third album, finds the Raleigh, NC band at their most creative. The record, which is packaged with a 13-page short story of the same name, perfectly blends together the distinctive Alesana sound with a new maturity and ferocity. Previous albums have sold 115,000 copies and 215,000 singles. Having completed tours with Chiodos, The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, and Silverstein, the band will continue their strong tour ethic, building on their devoted fan base in 2010.


1. Curse Of The Virgin Canvas
2. The Artist
3. A Lunatic's Lament
4. The Murderer
5. Hymn For The Shameless
6. The Thespian
7. Heavy Hangs The Albatross
8. The Lover
9. In Her Tomb By The Sounding Sea
10. To Be Scared By An Owl
11. Annabel

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