English Album: Delphic - Acolyte

English Album: Delphic - AcolyteArtist: Delphic
Title: Acolyte
Label: Chimeric
Genre: Electronic
Str Date: 2010-01-11

Delphic are Rick and Matt Cocksedge and James Cook, young men who create their music on laptops in their Manchester flat, but when they take it to the stage it blooms into something much bigger. Matt adds guitar and James, bass and lead vocals, but all three of them also
“twiddle with electronic gear”, augmented by drummer Dan Hadley, who whales away at two drum pads. There are no breaks, so it drives along like a DJ set, varying between songs and hypnotic rhythmic interludes. As a live experience it has more in common with the Chemical Brothers than The Kooks so it’s no surprise Tom Rowlands has become a fan. Delphic, however, are not rave revivalists. “There may be references to ’90s dance music,” says Rick, “but we also love Bjork, Radiohead, Kraftwerk and, at the other end of the spectrum Xenomania.” “We’re not really too snobbish,” agrees Matt. “People take what they want from the gigs,” adds James quietly, “If you’re standing down the front then maybe it’s more of a rave but if you’re standing at the back you can chin-stroke to your heart’s content.”

Track Listing:

01. Clarion Call 2:56
02. Doubt 4:06
03. This Momentary 4:34
04. Red Lights 6:11
05. Acolyte 8:51
06. Halcyon 4:43
07. Submission 5:33
08. Counterpoint 6:18
09. Ephemera 1:56
10. Remain 6:33

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