English Album: Jason Boesel - Hustlers Son

CrimsonRain.Com English Album: Jason Boesel - Hustlers SonArtist: Jason Boesel
Album: Hustlers Son
Release: 2010-01-28
Genre: Indie
Label: Team Love Records

Jason Boesel’s “Hustler’s Son” is an eleven-song album filled with dark imagery and a sonic palette that straddles the space between mid 70’s California rock (more Fleetwood Mac than Bread) and the alt country scene of today. The content speaks of loss and manipulation, the futility of hope, and even poses the question “Was it worth it, man?” Not light stuff, by any means, but the melodies present are so strong, the musicianship so superb, you can’t help but be lulled into a sense that through all the gnarliness that life proposes, you might at least be afforded the luxury of the ride.


01. Black Waves
02. Hand Of God
03. French Kissing
04. Burned Out And Busted
05. New World Mama
06. Miracles
07. Hustler’s Son
08. Getting Healthy (Good Luck)
09. I Got The Reason #1
10. Was It, Man?
11. Winking Eyes

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