English Album: Omarion - Ollusion

CrimsonRain.Com English Album: Omarion - OllusionArtist: Omarion
Album: Ollusion
Label: Star World/Capitol/EMI
GenreE: R&B
Street Date: 2010-01-12

Ollusion is the upcoming third studio album from R&B singer Omarion on EMI. The album will be released January 12, 2010. This is also reported to be Omarion first solo album with the Parental Advisory label on it.

Omarion has been on a rollercoaster with being released and signed to different labels trying to find the perfect home. He asked for a release from Sony BMG in early 2009, in mid-August he was announced on the roster of Lil Wayne's new label Young Money Entertainment. After rumors surfaced that he was dropped for leaking "I Get It In" later that week it was proven to be false as an interview with Lil Wayne himself he stated that it was 'just business' and Omarion asked for the release. With that he parted ways with the label this was mainly because of a better oppotunity that had come his way and signed with EMI. He will release Ollusion on his own imprint, StarrWorld Entertainment.


01. I Get It In (Feat. Gucci Mane) 3:07
02. Last Night (Kinkos) 3:08
03. Hoodie (Feat. Jay Rock) 3:35
04. What Do You Say 3:39
05. Speedin’ 4:23
06. Temptation 3:40
07. Sweet Hangover 3:23
08. Thee Interlude (Feat. Marques Houston) 1:09
09. Wet 5:29
10. I Think My Girl Is Bi 4:03
11. Code Red 2:32

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