English Album: The Watson Twins - Talking To You Talking To Me

CrimsonRain.Com English Album: The Watson Twins - Talking To You Talking To MeArtist: The Watson Twins
Album: Talking To You Talking To Me
Release: 2010-01-28
Genre: Indie
Label: Vanguard Records/EMI

“Talking To You, Talking To Me” is undoubtedly the Watson Twins’ most ambitious to date. This release finds The Watson Twins taking a soulful turn à la Carole King, but with a distinct pop edge reminiscent of Feist. The result is a heartfelt nod to their roots, retaining the ethereal harmonies that have become their signature while incorporating myriad influences and inspirations. The twins, Chandra and Leigh Watson, along with a band of friends including members of Everest and My Morning Jacket, recorded the album at Los Angeles’ famed Fairfax Recordings, capturing the essence of The Watson Twins’ extraordinary talents on a record that is at once driving, poignant and beautiful.


01. Modern Man
02. Harpeth River
03. Forever Me
04. Midnight
05. Savin’ You
06. Brave One
07. Devil In You
08. Snow Canyons
09. Tell Me Why
10. Calling Out
11. Give Me A Chance
12. U-N-Me

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