Miranda IM 0.9.0 Alpha Build 5

Miranda IM 0.9.0 Alpha Build 5 is released.Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows. It is designed to be resource efficient and easy to use. It uses very little memory, requires no installation and can easily be carried around on a single floppy disc. The goal of this project is not to duplicate the functionality of AOL's ICQ Client, but to design a client that has the basic features that is designed for mouse-less operation with a small memory requirement.

Improve account renaming inside of the account manager
Notification if missing messaging plugin

Improved upgrade procedure when using older contact list and messaging plugins
Network list in options wasn’t sorted
Fixed missing icon/menu issues
Fixed crash in options on XP pre SP2
Fixed errors loading dlls on wrong OS
Fixed drawing background in options search
Fixed account removal handling
Fixed hotkey issue with some MS keyboards
Fixed possible crash with event data
AIM: Fixed issue with multiple connection requests
AIM: Fixed issue setting AIM profile
ICQ: Fixed AIM away message handling (caused online status to be seen as away in some clients)
IRC: Possible crash on specific alias
MSN: Fixed renaming nickname from options
MSN: Fixed Offline messaging reception from Beejive client
Yahoo: Show download progress properly
Yahoo: Cancel out in the middle of file receive.
Yahoo: Main menu fixes

Download:Miranda IM 0.9.0 Alpha Build 5

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