Vista Codec Package x64 Components 2.3.6

Vista Codec Package x64 Components 2.3.6 is released.With Vista Codec Package installed, you won't need to install any other codec or filter. Many user suggested default settings are implemented. It does not contain a media player. It does not associates filetypes. With this package installed you will be able to use any media player (limited only by the players capabilities) to play DVD's, movies and video clips of any format. Streaming video (real and quicktime) is supported in web browsers. Visit the homepage to get a 64bitAddon which enables xvid, divx and DVD playback in Vista's MediaCenter.

Did you buy Vista x64 but find that almost nothing will play in MediaCenter? Do you want to watch your favorite video's in MediaCenter? These package is tested on Vista Ultimate x64. It is a fully functional standalone installation which may be included in an unattended environment using the switch -ai. The Vista Codec Package is the only supported 32bit package to use in conjunction with this installation. You will experience reduced functionality using any other package. It is fully uninstallable through the Windows interface. Windows Vista x64 is required.

Vista Codec Package x64 Components 2.3.6 Chngelog:
- Enable ffdshow dxva use in the win7 players
- Enable coreavc /ffdshow postprocessing /win7 players
- Update gabests filters 1544
- Update ffdshow 3216

Download:Vista Codec Package x64 Components 2.3.6

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