Where Is It? 2010.120

Where Is It? 2010.120 is released.WhereIsIt? is designed to be the best media cataloging tool available on the shareware market today. It is a successor of successful DOS program Floppy Master, extending its capabilities to new and larger media storage devices and providing even more comprehensive access to stored data.

Where Is It? 2010.120 Changelog:
- IMDB plugin: added support for importing information from international IMDB sites in different languages (German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese)
- Added new command-line option, autoindex. Browsing catalogs in categories view mode is not native mode, and requires data to be indexed when using it for the first time. Autoindex option allows for this indexing to be done automatically in the background
- Most progress windows are now equipped with icons, indicating operation in progress
- Plugins importing thumbnails for parent items (i.e. Folder Thumbnails plugin) can now take in account order of listed file masks. If more than one file is available for importing thumbnail, the one matching first listed file mask is given priority
- Further tweaked search thread synchronization, slightly improved search performance

Download: Where Is It? 2010.120

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