English Album: Josh Turner – Haywire

CrimsonRain.Com English Album: Josh Turner – HaywireArtist: Josh Turner
Album: Haywire
Release: 2010年02月09日
Label: NCA Nashville
Genre: Country

“HAYWIRE has been the quickest record we’ve ever made from start to finish,” says Josh. “But I’m glad our haste didn’t make waste. I love every single song. One thing I’ve noticed is that you are definitely hearing more of my range, high and low on this album. I’m really proud of this record.” And that’s saying something, given what he’s accomplished so far. Since earning a standing ovation as an unknown singer on the Grand Ole Opry stage in 2001 with his impressive delivery of “Long Black Train,” he has established himself as one of the most identifiable male vocalists in country music.


01. Why Don’t We Just Dance 3:14
02. I Wouldn’t Be A Man 3:33
03. Haywire 3:25
04. Your Smile 3:37
05. Lovin’ You On My Mind 3:41
06. As Fast As I Could 4:29
07. I’ll Be There 3:39
08. All Over Me 3:20
09. Eye Candy 2:55
10. Friday Paycheck 4:01
11. The Answer 4:15

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