Everest Ultimate Edition v5.30.2018 Beta

Everest Ultimate Edition v5.30.2018 Beta is an industry leading system diagnostics and benchmarking solution for enthusiasts PC users, based on the award-winning EVEREST Technology. During system optimizations and tweaking it provides essential system and overclock information, advanced hardware monitoring and diagnostics capabilities to check the effects of the applied settings. CPU, FPU and memory benchmarks are available to measure the actual system performance and compare it to previous states or other systems. Furthermore, complete software, operating system and security information makes EVEREST Ultimate Edition a comprehensive system diagnostics tool that offers a total of 100 pages of information about your PC.

This release improves upon EVEREST's already impressive set of tools with some brand new features and a very long list of enhancements in direct response to customer feedbacks. Under the hood, version 5.00 continues the long tradition of accuracy and comprehensiveness brought by previous versions with support for the latest hardware technologies bringing the total number of specific supported devices over 85,000.

Some of these new features and enhancements include:
New alerting feature that triggers on overheating, voltage drop, overvoltage and cooling fan failure.
Support for Intel Core i7 “Nehalem”, Intel Atom "Diamondville" and AMD Phenom II "Deneb" processors.
Support for OpenGL 3.0 with OpenGL version compliancy test.
Support for Windows 7 and a new auto-load feature under Windows Vista.
Extended audio information by adding OpenAL and High Definition Audio pages.
New information page for installed Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets.
GPGPU devices information for ATI Stream and nVIDIA CUDA.

Everest Ultimate Edition v5.30.2018 Beta Changelog:
- Optimized bitmap display on Logitech G15/G19 keyboard
- MonDiag / mouse wheel to scroll between test screens
- Detection of ATI Catalyst 10.1 driver
- USB-IDE bridges support disabled on MS Zune
- Intel Processor Number detection for Core i3 550
- Intel Processor Number detection for Core i5 680
- Intel Processor Number detection for Core i7 880, 970
- Improved support for Intel Arrandale, Clarkdale
- Preliminary chipset information for nVIDIA MCP89
- SPD memory information for Zotac IonITX-F-E motherboard
- SMBus support for nVIDIA MCP89- SMBus controller enable on Intel NM10
- HD Audio codec information for nVIDIA MCP89
- GPU information for ATI RS780E, RS880P
- Sensor support for Dell SMI of Vostro A860
- Motherboard specific sensor info for Asus P7H55D-M Pro
- Fixed: phantom OSD items when Logging is enabled
- Fixed: ODBC drivers version detection under 64-bit Windows
- Fixed: processes list under 64-bit Windows
- Fixed: motherboard model detection
- Fixed: SPD information for Nanya modules with bad CRC
- Removed: workaround for nVIDIA ForceWare clock information (196.21)

Download : Everest Ultimate Edition v5.30.2018 Beta

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