MAME Plus! v0.136u2 r4588

MAME Plus!
MAME Plus! v0.136u2 r4588 is released.New version of this MAME Emulator for Windows.MAME Plus! has many features to make it a great unoffical build.

MAME Plus! v0.136u2 r4588 Changelog:
- fixed memory allocation for kov hacks [Creamymami]
- catlist v0.136u2 [s_bastian]
- [MESS] added Super A'Can driver [Emuman]
- [MAME] sync with 0.136u2 [Sword]

Download:MAME Plus! v0.136u2 r4588 x86
Download:MAME Plus! v0.136 r4535 x64
Download:MAME Plus! GUI

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