[Album] Angus & Julia Stone - Down The Way (2CD Deluxe Version)

CrimsonRain.Com [Album] Angus & Julia Stone - Down The Way (2CD Deluxe Version)Artist: Angus & Julia Stone
Album: Down The Way (2CD Deluxe Version)
Label: EMI/Capitol (Australia) - Nettwerk (US/Canada) - Flock (UK)
Genre: Indie / Folk / Acoustic / Rock / Singer-songriter
Release Date: 2010-03-15

Angus & Julia Stone return with a new album, their second, just prior to their UK / European tour.

On ‘Down The Way’ Angus & Julia Stone also make their debut as producers, and develop their sound without losing the spirit of their debut.

There’s been a subtle shift in gear; evidence of a growing confidence. The music gravitates from sparse to rich and textured arrangements, yet never loses its etherealness and charm.


CD 1
01. Hold On
02. Black Crow
03. For You
04. Big Jet Plane
05. Santa Monica Dream
06. Yellow Brick Road
07. And The Boys
08. On The Road
09. Walk It Off
10. Hush
11. Draw Your Swords
12. Im Not Yours
13. The Devils Tears

CD 2
01. Lonely Hands
02. Red Berries
03. All The Colours
04. Choking
05. Take You Away
06. Johnny And June
07. This Way
08. Little Bird
09. I'll Wait
10. Change

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vitamin said... 3/27/2010 10:30:00 PM

CD 1 : http://freakshare.net/files/7y64z99x/Down-The-Way-CD1.rar.html
CD 2 : http://freakshare.net/files/ebzkskgx/Down-The-Way-CD2.rar.html

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