Mp3tag 2.46

Mp3tag 2.46 is released.Mp3tag can rename files based on the tag information, replace characters or words from tags and filenames, import/export tag information, create playlists, and more. It supports online freedb database lookups for selected files, allowing you to automatically gather proper tag information for select files or CDs.

Mp3tag 2.46 Changelog:
- NEW: Explorer context menu entry now realised via dedicated shell extension
- NEW: added Ctrl+Space keyboard shortcut for displaying format string helper menu
- NEW: added dedicated help page for User-defined Field Mappings
- NEW: added field PRESENT keyword to filter for files that contain a specific field in their tags
- NEW: placeholder %_tool% for TAK now contains used TAK encoder version
- NEW: Shift key modifier option at 'Remove from history' menu items that empties history
- NEW: support for %_md5audio% for FLAC files
- NEW: support for reordering files via drag and drop at Tag Sources dialog
- CHG: adjusted MP4 mediatype mappings to reflect changes in iTunes 9
- CHG: COPYRIGHT field now maps to MP4 cprt atom
- CHG: dockbar information now always stored in configuration file
- CHG: extended profile information displayed in %_vbr% for TAK files
- CHG: file extension is now not selected when renaming files in file list
- CHG: improved copy and paste of tags to multiple files
- CHG: multiple Source fields mapped to same Target field are now merged if they have the same values
- CHG: now displays technical information of the first audio track in MP4 (instead of the first track)
- CHG: performance improvements for MATCHES keyword when filtering using regular expressions
- CHG: SUBTITLE at MP4 now contains what previously was ITUNESPODCASTDESC which now contains the long description
- CHG: Tag Sources selection dialog now remembers its selection state and sorting of search results
- CHG: updated discogs web source
- CHG: updated TAK decoder library tak_deco_lib.dll to TAK 2.0.0
- CHG: user-defined fields are not truncated to 255 characters in MP4 anymore
- FIX: $validate removed colons in directory part of parameter instead of using replacement character
- FIX: blanks before extension part in file names were automatically removed at Replace actions for _FILENAME
- FIX: first file deleted from filter results returned to list on filter refresh
- FIX: focus not moved to file list when closing Tag Panel
- FIX: iTunes-specific field Encoding Params was not preserved
- FIX: keyboard shortcuts for tools Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+0 did not work anymore (since v2.45c)
- FIX: menu 'Edit, Select all files' only worked if file list had focus
- FIX: omitted slash character when used at user-defined field mappings
- FIX: placeholder %_counter% was not available at action 'Export cover to file'
- FIX: placeholder %_md5audio% now only available for audio formats tagged with ID3 and/or APE tags
- FIX: removing files from filter result caused files that do not match the filter expression to be displayed
- FIX: runtime error when clicking the actions drop-down menu after deleting all action groups
- FIX: runtime error when sorting files after filtering with an invalid filter expression
- FIX: saving tags to files on some NAS drives occasionally did not work
- FIX: shell extension did not load directories with dots in their names
- FIX: shell extension did not resolve symbolic links
- FIX: sort indicator in file view was not reset if playlists were loaded or files were added
- FIX: tag field mappings did not work for APEv2 tagged files
- FIX: update notification also reported beta versions when using latest stable release (since v2.45a)
- FIX: workaround for MP4 files with unconventional avcC atoms

Download:Mp3tag 2.46

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