[Album] F.T Island - Japan Special Album Vol.1

CrimsonRain.Com [Album] F.T Island - Japan Special Album Vol.1 Artist: F.T Island
Album: Japan Special Album Vol.1
Release Date: 2010.04.14
Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop / Rock

In addition to topping charts in Korea, FTIsland has also accumulated quite a few releases in Japan. The popular band made their Japan debut in 2008, and has since kept up a steady stream of CDs and concerts. The 12-track Korea Version FTIsland Japan Special Album Vol. 1 collects the band's Japan debut works including all eight songs from their 2008 mini-album Prologue Of FTIsland - Soyogi and the three songs on their first Japan single The One.


01. Friendship
02. ミライジテンシャ
03. soyogi
04. Stars
05. A Song For You
06. FTIsland
07. Primadonna
08. Always Be Mine
09. The One
10. Live Like A Musical
11. You’ll Be My Heart
12. The One (Inst)

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