[Album] Jesse Malin - Love It To Life

CrimsonRain.Com [Album] Jesse Malin - Love It To LifeArtist: Jesse Malin
Album: Love It To Life
Label: SideOneDummy
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2010-04-27

Ever since its inception, rock and roll has developed beyond
imagination. Nowadays, the word rock is just a general umbrella
term for a plethora of subgenres. Consequently, we are determined to
place bands in certain categories, such metalcore, indie or
powerpop. Jesse Malin himself has been in different bands ranging
from the hardcore outfit Heart Attack to the glam punk band D
Generation. Marking about a decade since his first solo releases, Malin
is back with an album that is not constrained to a particular
subgenre; it is not focused on epic breakdowns or glossy pop hooks.
Rather, Malin has made straightforward music that draws comparisons
to Neil Young and Ryan Adams. At its core, his latest album Love It To
Life is just good, old fashioned rock-n-roll.

Love It To Life wastes no time, opening with the upbeat rocker
Burning The Bowery. This song proves to be the best one on the album
with its addictive chorus, thumping bass and solid drum beat. The
subsequent track, All The Way From Moscow, is another strong
offering, pairing a driving tempo with a fun riff. The album also
shines in St. Marks Sunset and Burn The Bridge. The former is
another track with an enjoyable melody and rhythm tandem featuring
descending bass lines and timely snare hits. The latter can be
considered the records fist-pumping anthem, containing an
infectious sing-a-long chorus. At the age of 42 years young, Malin is
a veteran who knows how to construct good songs; the quality of
choruses and replay value are just a testament to this claim.

What sets apart Malin from many other artists is his variance in
songs; he dabbles into different styles rather than devising an
album full of tunes cut from a similar cloth. In Revelations, he
slows down the tempo and opts for a more folksy delivery. It also
contains lyrical depth, opting to use uplifting lyrics such as
Everything is gonna be ok/Gonna be alright/Gonna be ok. Obviously,
this is not the most poetic or poignant way of presenting the theme,
but the emotional depth and the overall composition of the track
is enough to exonerate Malin from this lyrical deficiency. Disco
Ghetto is another success with its Latin feel, clean guitar tones
and unorthodox percussion instruments. Throughout all of these
types of music, Malins twangy voice fits. It may not be the strongest
out there, but it works for what he is trying to accomplish.

Jesse Malin is one of those underrated artists that fly under the
radar; he has certainly not received the attention he deserves. With
his latest effort, Malin has a created an album that should cater to
fans of many different genres. At this point, Love It To Life might
one of the unheralded gems of 2010. Whether you are looking for an
album to tide you over before the new album from The Gaslight Anthem or
good music in general, this is a release that is definitely worth a


01. Burning The Bowery
02. All The Way From Moscow
03. The Archer
04. St. Mark's Sunset
05. Lowlife In A High Rise
06. Disco Ghetto
07. Burn The Bridge
08. Revelations
09. Black Boombox
10. Lonely At Heart

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