[Album] Lemar - The Hits

CrimsonRain.Com [Album] Lemar - The HitsArtist: Lemar
Album: The Hits
Genre: R&B
Label: Sony UK
Street Date: 2010-3-16

Eight years on from his first appearance on the TV talent show ‘Fame Academy’, Lemar Obika is now practically an elder statesman of British pop, as evinced by the inclusion here of young pretenders JLS, lining up to pay homage on a re-recorded version of his early track ‘What About Love’. This best-of compilation also includes most of his singles, includingthe brand new ‘The Way Love Goes’, as well as two other newsongs showcasing his smooth vocal style and the catchy, pop-inflected RnB that have made him famous.

Track Listing:

01. Dance (With U) 03:10
02. 50/50 03:26
03. Another Day 04:04
04. Lullaby 03:22
05. If There’s Any Justice 03:47
06. Time To Grow 03:45
07. It’s Not That Easy 03:23
08. Someone Should Tell You 03:45
09. If She Knew 04:10
10. Weight Of The World 04:17
11. Mayday 03:34
12. The Way Love Goes 03:33
13. You Don’t Love Me 03:39
14. Coming Home 03:44
15. What About Love (Feat. JLS) 03:41

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